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October 1, 2007

Vancouver Island

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At the end of September, after a few days hanging out in Vancouver, I went to see Van Island with Gen. Our only plan was that we wanted to surf in Tofino and check out Victoria, and as we were both on a budget, we decided we’d try and hitch. We got to the port early, booked our tickets and got on the next ferry to the Island. We made sure we were first off the ferry and tried to hitch with eVeRy SiNgLe CaR that drove off, and none of them stopped. Crap. Everyone I’d spoke to had told me hitching in Canada, especially on the Island, was easy!

We walked a bit up the highway and made our way to Parksville in two hitches, then the third ride pulled up and everything kind of fell into place. These guys (Denis and Michelle) were only on a day trip to Port Alberni and said they’d take us as far as they were going, which was about 2 hours down the road. But, after talking with them for a few minutes about what we planned to do, they decided to take us all the way to Tofino (about a 5 hour drive!), and hang out with us for 3 days with only the clothes on their backs! – how cool was that * and our flagrant geeky conversation and stunning scenery meant the time passed quickly.

We were up early to hire surf boards and hit the waves. We surfed Cox Beach in the morning, had a break for lunch and then hit Long Beach for a sunset surf which was amazing… the views and panoramas at sunset were completely erogenous… we just stopped surfing in the end and sat and just ‘watched’. Surfing was a larf, the ‘surf’ was pretty sweet and I managed to stand up aLmOsT as much as I face planted into the bottom.

Before Denis and Michelle left, we hiked the Wild Pacific Trail from Ucluelet which was an awesome trail that hugged the coast line and snaked through rain forest for about 4 hours. After just getting ‘used to’ (if that’s ever possible) the bears, we saw a few warning posters telling us there was a cougar in the area. Hmmm… slightly disconcerting, knowing that they’re around 5 feet long, and can jump 30 feet from standing still! That’s iNsAnE! Needless to say, we did the rest of the hike carrying pretty hefty sticks, which we pretended were just walking sticks when we met other people, little did they know they were in fact rudimentary weapons, to battle any mountain lions we may stumble upon… ha.

Every night on the Island seemed to consist of a collective BBQ with other people staying in the hostel, and then shooting the breeze into the early hours over a few beers. The pace of life in Canada is half that back home in England… and on the Island, that ‘pace’ halves again! Everyone is just so laid back, and never hurries to do anything. It took a few days to get used to, but then it was pretty sweet! During one of these twilight sessions Gen and I met a guy called James who just so happened to be making the 6 hour drive to Victoria the next day and wanted some company. As luck would have it, that’s where we’d planned on heading. So we plied him with a few beers and ‘Robert’s your mother’s brother’, we had a hitch to Victoria… wOoP wOoP.

Victoria was a pretty nice town; typically English and definitely busier than the ‘Tofino Time’ we’d grown used to. Just off the coast of Victoria was a pretty good place to see Orcas, and after managing to haggle a good price with a guide I plumped for a 4 hour trip and had a pretty fantabulous experience in the end. We found two pods hanging out together (about 80 whales) and ‘hung out’ with them for a while which was pretty special!

After a couple of days in Victoria we got a ride back to Vancouver via Nanaimo. The ferry on the way back passed through the Southern Gulf Islands, which were pretty stunning and some of the channels we had to pass through didn’t leave much room for error. The Island was much bigger than I thought it would be, and the scenery was out-of-this-world… I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings half the time [hmmm… if I was in Lord of the Rings, I think I’d be an Elf… I’m totally onboard with that whole longevity of life business they’ve got going on]. Anyhoo, Vancouver Island is definitely ‘unfinished business’. I’ve got a couple more days in Vancouver now before I head up to Whistler for the seeeeeeaaaaason … booyakasha *


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